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Caregiver Coaching BH Coaching Benita Hampton

Caregiver and Life Coach


Everybody loves a great deal, right?  

Well, it doesn't get much better than free!  

Be sure to bookmark our site and check back regularly as we upload helpful free resources often.



I know that I was hesitant to enter my email address because I didn't want to have a ton of emails sent to me everyday.  I can honestly say that is not the case.  I look forward to receiving your emails and I even share them with my children.  Thank you for being my coach and serving up helpings of resources that people actually look forward to digging into.  I am a more confident caregiver today because of you.

-Landa K.

Got Goals?  Us Too.

Check out our "Non-New Year's Resolution" episode on The Caregiver Coach podcast where Benita walks you through why New Year's resolutions don't work, and why creating a goal map will help you move the needle forward in the coming year.  Download a free goal map right here.

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When The Holidays Aren't So Merry

We created a podcast edition of our free masterclass for those that weren't able to attend the course.  You can listen to the podcast show here on our site, as well as iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podbean and anywhere else you like to listen to podcasts.  You can download the complimentary guide right here.

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The Caregiver Burnout Quiz

Caregiver burnout affects nearly 40% of family caregivers and unfortunately, women rank at the top for the highest risk.  Take this short quiz to help determine your risk level so that you can take action if needed.

Take the Quiz

Benita, thank you so much for the free guide.  We had a family meeting to go over the information and have come to a decision that we are going to book a family consultation with you.  I do not think that I could have convinced my sisters without your easy to read guide to help me start the conversation.   We are looking forward to our first session with you!

-Marlene G.

Questions you MUST ASK when searching for a memory care community

This guide will give you a behind the scenes advantage as I share the most important questions that should be on your *must ask* list when you are searching for the best memory care community for your loved one with dementia.

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