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How Working with a Life Coach Can Help

Many of my clients describe working with me as "talking to a wise old friend" and I'll take that as a compliment! 


The truth is that many people just aren't sure exactly what a Life Coach can do.  

Here are  just a few ideas of some of the areas where working with a life coach can benefit you.

  • Finding clarity and confidence with decision making
  • Proactively tackle challenges during transitional life periods (i.e. relationships, careers, loss and other major life changes) 
  • Developing positive habits & the techniques that create sustainable change
  • Identifying healthy ways to manage stress, discouragement and disappointment
  • Moving forward with proactive intention
  • Gain useful insights about your habits, fears, and motivation
  • SMART Goal setting and Accountability partnership
  • Identifying priorities and separating them from distractions that do not deserve your time and energy
  • Getting to the root of your hurdles and creating actionable plans to conquer bad habits for good
  • Developing key strategies to improve interpersonal relationships
  • Effectively managing difficult family dynamics

How does coaching work?

With significant attention and focus, we can re-wire our brain with our thoughts. The more neural pathways are used, the stronger they become. Every time you repeat an action, a fatty covering called myelin coats the neural pathway, making the connection stronger and more secure. Focusing on changing thought processes and habits are extremely difficult to do on your own, that’s where a professional coach will help. Another benefit of coaching is that the process also builds the capacity in your brain to resist homeostasis (the automatic physiological process that opposes change from happening) and supports long-term transformation

What you can expect from me

A coaching relationship is a co-creative relationship. What that means is, I see us as equals and I encourage you to do the same. I am not a therapist or counselor. I am a professionally trained coach, using practiced communication and listening skills to support you with establishing and attaining your goals.

I will create an environment in which you feel safe to share. Our coaching sessions are a judgement free zone. It is not my role to project my pre-disposed expectations or values on my clients. Above all, I want you to feel safe and secure during our coaching sessions.

I will listen closely to you, respond to what I hear and ask questions. If I hear something in your voice or body language that sparks an intuitive idea, thought or image, I am likely to share it and ask you questions about it. Often it is these small nuances that create the bigger shifts for clients.

At the end of the session, if you do not mention what actions you are ready to take, I will make a coach request. I ask my clients to stretch themselves, deepen the work done in the sessions by either journaling at home, taking a defined action, resolving relationships, or tackling things that feel incomplete. You are free to negotiate, accept or decline.

Please understand, that if you are seeking to change something about yourself, it takes time. Give yourself permission to embrace and accept pitfalls, delays and setbacks on the road to improvement and change.  Many of my clients feel a positive shift as soon as the very first coaching session. Unfortunately, that typically does not last as many of the thought and behavior patterns we develop are from as far back as childhood and are deeply rooted within us. Much like the time it might take to create a new path in a thickly wooded forest, the same is true for building new neural pathways in our brain. 

 Together, we will work on new ways of reacting, responding, and perceiving your life. 

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    Is coaching therapy?

    This is a question that I get asked often.  Coaching is not therapy. I am a professionally trained coach and not a licensed medical professional. On a very fundamental level, therapy generally looks backwards to identify the barriers one faces, while coaching focuses on embracing where you are now while identifying and forging a path to successfully move forward. Providing therapy or counseling is outside the scope of my training and expertise.

    What is Caregiver Coaching?

    I have received my training and certifications in several Life Coaching specialties.  I chose the particular area (or niche as they say in the coaching world) of Caregiver Coaching because of my life experiences and the professional skills that I have developed during my career in senior care and geriatrics.  Caregiver Coaching is a form of Life Coaching, with a very specific focus.  I do work with clients that are not caregivers to their aging loved ones, however, coaching, educating and being a resource to those women that care for others is my passion and where I feel that I am able to make the most positive impact.

    Six reasons why I  am passionate about being a caregiver coach...

    In the past five years, over 40 million family caregivers provided 37 billion hours of care for loved ones.

    At least 20% of adult children are providing care for an aging parent.

    Approximately 85% of family caregivers in the US do not receive any respite care assistance.

    Women have been found to be more susceptible to caregiver burnout than men.  Those who are responsible for helping someone with Alzheimer's disease, dementia or a debilitating illness are also at a high risk for developing their own medical issues.

    Nearly half of family caregivers over age 40 handle medical tasks, from changing bandages, to inserting catheters or feeding tubes. Among that group, less than half have received the training or support to perform these tasks

    Half of adult caregivers say that it is difficult to balance work, family life and caregiving.

    What does coaching cost?

    The relationship with your coach is an important one.  In order to effectively move forward and see positive results, you have to connect with your coach.  I want you to tackle your obstacles, unpack your dreams and live big, even if that means that you choose to not work with me.   I offer all new clients a complimentary one hour coaching session so that we can see if we are a good fit for each other.  If we decide to move forward then I will design a coaching package to fit your individual needs.

    Ready to schedule your free coaching consultation?

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    A word from one of my beautiful clients, Marissa

    I have been caring for my mother since the beginning of the year and I was completely burned out when I found Benita.  I had nothing left to give and I had reached the end of my rope.  Not only did Benita find a short term respite facility for Mother, she taught me how to have joy in my life once again.  I do not feel guilt for taking the time to care for myself and I know that I'm more attentive to Mother's needs since I now have a scheduled respite break every month.  Benita is kindhearted, sincere, easy to talk to and has a beautiful way of bringing out the best in people.  I am so blessed to have found her.

    -Marissa R.